Chocolate can improve memory

Benefits of Chocolate

Used as currency by the ancient Aztecs, and even worshiped by the Mayan people, cocoa and its commercial product chocolate has historically been held in high esteem. Recently however, chocolate has been getting negative coverage due its increasingly high sugar and fat contents. Many believe the consumption of chocolate is contributing to the obesity epidemic found in America.

enough said

enough said

Little do people know however, that studies suggest chocolate has the ability to improve one’s memory. Ian McDonald  an expert from University of Nottingham, led a study to find that eating chocolate can sharpen the mind and improve short term memory performance. Research involved individuals who were drank cocoa drink rich in many of the chemicals found in chocolate. These individuals experienced greater dilation of the blood vessels in the brain. This means greater oxygen flow to the brain and theoretically increased mental performance.

Improving my memory sure does taste good!

Improving my memory sure does taste good!

It doesn’t take a chocolate eating maniac to realize the potential implications. Chocolate may once again have a place in society due to its potential academic benefits. The biggest hurdle to this goal will be the health food obsessed slowly taking over America. Jokes aside, one chocolate bar before finals won’t hurt much, but, from the information that current research is pointing to, could potentially raise your short term mental awareness.

By James Xu


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