Chocolate Study Party, recipes included

Benefits of Chocolate

It seems like almost everybody has their own unique study habits. To further add to the mix, I propose here a few delicious chocolate recipes that one can make to prepare for such a study party.

I need something to concentrate on my books

Here is a delicious Tiramisu Chocolate Mousse recipe for all those out there who enjoy their chocolate sweets. The addition of dark chocolate as a supplement to the prescribed milk chocolate is recommended. Dark chocolate contains many healthy antioxidants.

Another great recipe for those out there looking to both quench their thirst for knowledge as well as their thirst for healthy chocolate drink should look into this Mayan Hot Chocolate recipe. This particular recipe uses:

2 cups of whole milk.

4 chucks of dark chocolate

1 whole chili pepper

1 stick cinnamon.

It's finally okay to drink away all my problems

Coming from my own personal experience, one of the biggest blunders that made coming into a standardized test was being stressed out. I had over studied to the point of exhaustion. I had forgotten the cardinal rule of not letting my studies distract from the finer things in life. One of these undoubtedly is chocolate.

By James Xu


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