Dark chocolate is good for the heart

Benefits of Chocolate

A study of 2013 patients determined to be at risk for heart disease conducted by Australian scientists found that the ingestion of dark chocolate could be an effective prevention therapy for heart disease.

Wait a second, did you just say that chocolate can help prevent heart disease?

I know what your thinking, but just keep reading...

I know what your thinking, but just keep reading…

While the results of the study do seem to suggest that chocolate does help in reducing the number cardiovascular events by as much as 85 incidents out of every 10,000 people over 10 years, this is only on a daily consumption of 100g of dark chocolate.

This is because dark chocolate consumption can, in reasonable amounts, lower blood pressure and cholesterol. The same study also reported on dark chocolates anti hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, anti thrombotic  and metabolic effects. All this science which seemingly points to chocolate as some miracle medicine doesn’t mean it’s okay to just go crazy on the stuff. Remember chocolate contains lots of sugar and other tasty but bad things.

Moderation in life people. Yes that means moderation in chocolate.


You mean I gotta wait until tomorrow ):


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