The Gangnam style before Gangnam style, just for fun

A Globalizing World

The phenomena known as Gangnam style has taken the internet by storm. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months here you go.

It’s not hard to see that one of the main draw points that made this song such a hit is its funky horse ride dance move.

Psy as an artist seems to have made a big hit; his Youtube video recently reached 1 billion views. What if his famous dance was secretly stolen material though?

This M & M Superbowl commercial uploaded to Youtube on Febuarary 5th, 2012 seems to show a brief bit of Psy’s famous dance. If this is true, then this video would predate, “Gangnam Style” by almost 5 month.

Check out 0:19

Plagerism, Inspiration, or tasty treat. You decide.

By James Xu


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