Video Game Addiction Self Introspection


I must make a confession. This week is the last normal week of school before finals and this weekend I found myself playing video games. Prior to this moment I hadn’t touched a game in almost 3 months, but suddenly I felt the urge of commanding my WW2 troops in Company of Heroes 2. Trying to relieve the general from my former life, I sat for 6 hours to play 8 straight multiplayer games. At this time I was also experiencing full blown flu and had a fever of 102. Here are five things that I noticed about myself after playing the game for so long.

Initially You Feel Amazing

After not playing video games for so long, initially I felt super high. Company of Heroes is one of my favorite games. It is a real time strategy game that is set in the WW2 era. Players can choose between the Germans or the Russians and engage in online battle. My favourite team is the German team where I choose a close air support discipline which gives me access to air reconnaissance and attack runs. My favourite thing about this game is that there is a lot of strategy that goes into the gameplay. While some may think that playing games isn’t very physical, I often sweat when I play games because I get so into it.

You Get Very Irritable

When you’re in the middle of the game you must focus 100 percent on the screen in front of you. Maximization of time efficiency is key to success in real time strategy games and in the heat of the moment distractions can lead to losses. That’s why in moments such as these my reaction to normal interruptions such as questions, small talk or requests gives an unusually angered high pitched response. When I’m gaming, I’m not to be bothered because I get very irritable.

Win Or Lose You Keep Playing One More Game

It doesn’t matter if you win or if you lose, you will always want to keep playing. Often times you know that you’ve wasted too much time on the game but you keep reassuring yourself that it’ll only be one more game. Before you know it, 3 games have somehow slipped by. If you lose, you get frustrated and want to win. If you win, you are ecstatic and want to keep up the streak. You’ll only ever end up stopping if you’re roommate keeps you off his computer (Well in my case anyway).

You’re Body Forgets About Its Other Needs

When you’re playing the game, you’ll miss alerts that you’re body normally gives you. For example, I failed to notice it getting dark outside and only after the game did I realize I was in a dark unlit room. Another problem is that you don’t realize you’re hungry or thirsty. In my 6 hour game binge, I failed to take a break to get food. I did however have a water bottle handy at my side to hydrate. Finally potentially the most disastrous alert that I missed was the need to go to the bathroom. It wasn’t until I finished my last game that I felt the pressure in my bladder. Thank god I noticed when I did.


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