3 beneficial chemicals found in chocolate

Benefits of Chocolate

No one can deny that chocolate has the ability to lift ones mood. This is no doubt in part do to chocolates unique and alluring taste, but also is in part due to the many chemicals found in chocolate and their effect on the brain. An article by allchocolate.com highlights 3 of the many chemicals that can be found in chocolate.

1. Theobromine

chemistry never tasted so mmm.

chemistry never tasted so mmm.

Theobromine is found in great quantities in chocolate, and is a stimulant much like coffee. It also acts as a natural cough depressant.

2. Caffeine

oh yeah, like coffee but not bitter

Similar to effects that one can expect from drinking coffee, eating chocolate should provide same of the stimulating awareness raising effects as chocolate too contains caffeine.

3. Phenylethylamine (PEA)

it all makes sense now...

it all makes sense now…

Phenylethylamine releases many of the natural feel good endorphins that effect the brain. This same chemical is released by the brain when people fall in love.

These are just 3 of the 5o0 naturally occurring chemical compounds found in chocolate. Just think of the 497 other tasty happy possibilities.

By James Xu


The History Of Chocolate

Benefits of Chocolate

An interesting find for all those chocolate connoisseur out there is the History Channel’s take on the history of Chocolate and its place in American society.

Part one of the a four part series.

Much like the show “How it is made”, watch the intricacies in how various chocolates are made and how they connect with American society. These connections can be romantic as found in Valentines day or more scientific. Also learn about the ancient history of Chocolate and how its spread throughout the world and became what it is today.

If watching a video isn’t your thing, check out this cool article by Smithsonian.

Learn about the history of your favorite treat and how it relates to American culture!

By James Xu

Thank Emperor-Montezuma for introducing chocolate to the early conquistadors and beyond!

Thank Emperor-Montezuma for introducing chocolate to the early conquistadors and beyond!

Dark chocolate is good for the heart

Benefits of Chocolate

A study of 2013 patients determined to be at risk for heart disease conducted by Australian scientists found that the ingestion of dark chocolate could be an effective prevention therapy for heart disease.

Wait a second, did you just say that chocolate can help prevent heart disease?

I know what your thinking, but just keep reading...

I know what your thinking, but just keep reading…

While the results of the study do seem to suggest that chocolate does help in reducing the number cardiovascular events by as much as 85 incidents out of every 10,000 people over 10 years, this is only on a daily consumption of 100g of dark chocolate.

This is because dark chocolate consumption can, in reasonable amounts, lower blood pressure and cholesterol. The same study also reported on dark chocolates anti hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, anti thrombotic  and metabolic effects. All this science which seemingly points to chocolate as some miracle medicine doesn’t mean it’s okay to just go crazy on the stuff. Remember chocolate contains lots of sugar and other tasty but bad things.

Moderation in life people. Yes that means moderation in chocolate.


You mean I gotta wait until tomorrow ):

Chocolate Study Party, recipes included

Benefits of Chocolate

It seems like almost everybody has their own unique study habits. To further add to the mix, I propose here a few delicious chocolate recipes that one can make to prepare for such a study party.

I need something to concentrate on my books

Here is a delicious Tiramisu Chocolate Mousse recipe for all those out there who enjoy their chocolate sweets. The addition of dark chocolate as a supplement to the prescribed milk chocolate is recommended. Dark chocolate contains many healthy antioxidants.

Another great recipe for those out there looking to both quench their thirst for knowledge as well as their thirst for healthy chocolate drink should look into this Mayan Hot Chocolate recipe. This particular recipe uses:

2 cups of whole milk.

4 chucks of dark chocolate

1 whole chili pepper

1 stick cinnamon.

It's finally okay to drink away all my problems

Coming from my own personal experience, one of the biggest blunders that made coming into a standardized test was being stressed out. I had over studied to the point of exhaustion. I had forgotten the cardinal rule of not letting my studies distract from the finer things in life. One of these undoubtedly is chocolate.

By James Xu

Chocolate can improve memory

Benefits of Chocolate

Used as currency by the ancient Aztecs, and even worshiped by the Mayan people, cocoa and its commercial product chocolate has historically been held in high esteem. Recently however, chocolate has been getting negative coverage due its increasingly high sugar and fat contents. Many believe the consumption of chocolate is contributing to the obesity epidemic found in America.

enough said

enough said

Little do people know however, that studies suggest chocolate has the ability to improve one’s memory. Ian McDonald  an expert from University of Nottingham, led a study to find that eating chocolate can sharpen the mind and improve short term memory performance. Research involved individuals who were drank cocoa drink rich in many of the chemicals found in chocolate. These individuals experienced greater dilation of the blood vessels in the brain. This means greater oxygen flow to the brain and theoretically increased mental performance.

Improving my memory sure does taste good!

Improving my memory sure does taste good!

It doesn’t take a chocolate eating maniac to realize the potential implications. Chocolate may once again have a place in society due to its potential academic benefits. The biggest hurdle to this goal will be the health food obsessed slowly taking over America. Jokes aside, one chocolate bar before finals won’t hurt much, but, from the information that current research is pointing to, could potentially raise your short term mental awareness.

By James Xu